Organic mixers, produced in Denmark

Macarn became part of the Naturfrisk Group in 2019 and is a tasty alternative for those who want a Danish, organic mixer for their cocktails and drinks.

The range includes both soda and syrup mixers, all of which are full of good, organic ingredients without all the artificial ones. The products are produced at the Ørbæk Brewery on the island of Fyn, where organic, high quality, and good taste are top priorities.

In combination with spirits from Nyborg Distillery, which is also part of the Naturfrisk group, Macarn mixers are ingredients in many interesting and flavorful cocktails and drinks. Find suggestions for more of them on our cocktail page, which you can find a link to on our website.

Perfect as a Cocktail Mixer

Macarn mixers open the door to a wonderful world of cocktails to enjoy and impress your friends with. You can make anything from a classic G&T to a more complex ‘Dark and Stormy’. You will find inspiration for the various cocktails under each product and in our cocktail gallery. 


Nothing Artificial

The ingredients in our organic products are totally old-fashioned - nothing artificial, just a load of juice and natural flavours. We do not use a single artificial aroma, additive or preservative – but an abundance of organic produce.

A World Full of Wonderful Flavour

In our Macarn range we do our utmost to combine organic ingredients to really enhance the taste, whether you are using one of our products as a mixer or drinking it straight – refreshingly ice cold. We frequently use slightly untraditional ingredients that we have discovered and tasted on our journey through nature’s amazingly diverse world of produce and tastes. Take, for example, our Aromatic Tonic with notes of fennel, thyme and lemongrass.