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Macarn Soda

Smooth Rhubarb

Macarn Smooth Rhubarb is a smooth and slightly tart rhubarb soda with lots of flavor and body. It works well in many different cocktails and drinks. Try it for example in a Rhubarb Spritz, Rhubarb Daiquiri or Rosemary & Rhubarb. Macarn Smooth Rhubarb is also great to enjoy on its own - ice cold and refreshing.

Macarn Soda
Smooth Rhubarb

Inspiration for Fun Cocktails

Dark Rhubarb

What you need:

3 cl Fionia Gin from Nyborg Destilleri 

1 cl Galliano Vanilla Liqueur

2 cl Macarn Sugar Syrup

2 cl fresh-pressed lemon juice

8 blackberries, quartered

Macarn Rhubarb Soda



Here’s how:

Fill a glass with ice and add the rum, Galliano Vanilla Liqueur, Macarn Sugar Syrup and lemon juice. Top up with Macarn Rhubarb Soda. Quarter the blackberries, place them in the glass and stir. Garnish with whole blackberries.

This drink is also delightful without alcohol.