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Macarn Syrup


Macarn Sugar Syrup is an organic sugar syrup for sweetening tea, desserts and cocktails. Try it, for example, in a Tom Collins or Gin Fizz Macarn Sugar Syrup also makes a great base for a number of other syrups: for example, with the addition of liquorice powder, caramel essence or vanilla.

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Macarn Syrup

Inspiration for Fun Cocktails

Moscow Mule

What you need:

4 cl Fionia Gin

1-2 cl Macarn Sugar Syrup - depending on how sweet you want it

1 cl lime juice

Macarn Ginger Beer 


Fresh basil

A load of ice


Here’s how:

Add some ice to your glass, then pour in the Fionia Vodka, Macarn Sugar Syrup and lime juice. Top up with Macarn Ginger Beer. Garnish with basil and raspberries.